Live Video at IIDEX, NeoCon Canada: Dyson Airblade

We’re live at IIDEX, NeoCon this week in Toronto, Canada. We’d dabbled in the video blog world this past Spring at BKLYN DESIGNS, and we’re doing it again this week! Prepare yourself for a series of short video blog interviews with your favorite manufacturers.

We’re kicking it off right with the Dyson Airblade – the newest and most exciting innovation to hit public restrooms since the toilet itself. Fellow 3ringer Joseph Starr already covered the Dyson Airblade last month, and our readers had a lot of comments and questions. There were additionally more comments and questions from our friends at Archinect when this story was picked up out on the West Coast as well. Hopefully all questions will be answered with this coming entry.

Thank you to Melanie Wilde with Dyson Canada for being our brave first interviewee.

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