X Work Table by Missy Vandenberg

It seems that a signature look of contrasting, vertically-oriented woods goes hand in hand with sustainable design. Such it is in regards to the recent proliferation of re-worked “Miner’s Cabins” that are popping up all over Colorado’s Western Slope. Sure this is a sort of “ski-town chic” (mostly reserved for the at least semi-rich if not particularly famous), but the use of re-claimed barnwood as exterior siding has a compelling regional aesthetic–achieved at substantially lower carbon costs than conventional siding.

X Work Table. Designed by Missy Vandenberg

The look has also worked its way into interior furnishings. Such is the case with Novo’s 4-Door Console Table, IDS’ Community Bureau, and Eric Manigian’s Purple Heart Dining Table. If you know those names, than you know that the look has transcended its Western roots and traveled as far east as NYC. Brooklyn-based Manigian has a philosophical compatriot in Missy Vandenberg; her X Table is a handsome, hand-crafted, locally-made piece that clearly places a premium on quality and sustainability.



With Studio Vandenberg, this up-and-comer has an excellent outlet for her work with “metal, wood, plastic and upholstery fabrics… she welcomes opportunities that involve experimental materials and new technology.” The X Table doesn’t exactly involve the latter, though it shows every evidence of working with vintage materials in a new way. Sized for the increasingly-popular upright work orientation at 42″ x 11.5″ x 32.5″, X is ideal for impromptu idea storming as well as low-impact physical tasks. Composed of a classic materials roster including solid maple, walnut, oak, powder coated aluminum, and brass, the piece integrates old-style craftsmanship with new world savvy. Vandenberg says she was aiming for a look of “shopworn industrial furniture with a bit of added glamour.” X is that in spades. The only problem I can see with it is that the polished, stylish table-top might place certain constraints on its functionality. But no matter: you’ll want it for looks alone.

Via Interior Design.

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