Stone Source Branches out into Reclaimed Wood

The concept of reclaiming a finish material from an old building and making it part of a new building is as old as architecture itself. Roman churches are proverbial quilts made from ancient temples and palaces. While the United States may not have a great supply of ancient marble and granite to inspire new architecture, what we do have is wood. The originators of this country built barn upon barn out of old growth forests that either no longer exist, or should be left alone.

Reclaimed Wood. Designed by Stone Source

Stone Source, a high end supplier of stone (shocking) and tile has teamed up with a family owed mill that’s been reclaiming wood for decades. It’s a great step for a company that survives on a finite resource, natural stone. The third-generation family owned mill deconstructs old barns throughout the Northeast, averaging 90% of the site’s reclaimable materials. Not only is the practice sustainable because it keeps wood waste out of landfills, it is also preserving a bit of our history.





Stone Source has worked with the mill to develop custom textures that enhance the essence of the material. Reclaimed wood has already lived a life of its own, which gives it a density and character that new wood doesn’t have. The textured series ranges from geometric, to rustic, to sensual, and allows the wood to be appropriate for many different types of applications. This wood is not knotty pine for your family cabin; it’s a feature wall in a high-end contemporary design, only with an added air of preservation and history.

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