Novoceram’s Florilège Ceramic Tiles: A Wallpaper Look-Alike

Weather getting you down? Despite my propensity for neutrals,these bright florals are something of a pick-me-up. The French ceramics manufacturer Novoceram, based in Saint Vallier Sur Rhône Cedex, is reviving the charm of the motifs found in 18th century hand-painted Chinese wallpaper in the new guise of fine white body ceramic tiles. With their delicate, silky texture, seemless aesthetic and romantic imagery, you’d never guess they’re the same material as your practical, scrubbable bathroom tiles.

Florilège Ceramic Tiles. designed by Novoceram.

The best of both worlds? We think so. Get the luxurious, alluring appeal of silk wallpaper – yet be able to power wash your walls if you so choose. No peeling corners or fading colors. With its vintage vibe, Florilège (Novoceram’s mural-like wall-covering) depicts branches, blooms and birds in a soft, romantic palette. While an entire room could potentially be overkill, they’re perfect for an accent wall in the foyer, living room, dining room or in the bedroom. Pair with some neutral, modern pieces to avoid the hodge-podge aesthetic in favor of a more sophisticated approach. With their tactile texture, impressively bold aesthetic and longevity – hotels and restaurants ought to see their appeal. Regardless, this nature-inspired collection (Florilège means the act of gathering flowers) exemplifies “bringing the outdoors in”.




The Florilege line features four subcompositions – Terre, Ciel, Cage and Paon – to be used in combination to create a continuous pattern. The large-scale ceramic tiles measure 53 by 70 inches, making full-wall applications easier.

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