Etel’s Carro de Boi Outdoor Lounger is All About Wood

Picturesque scenes of the outdoors epitomize relaxation. An expanse of green space with some mountains in the background… what could you possibly stress about in that locale? Oftentimes that scene includes a chaise longue of some sort, likely an old-fashioned, wooden one that constitutes an organic addition to nature. Brazilian company Etel Interiores has created a modern wooden lounger – with a distinctly old-school appeal, satisfying traditionalists and modernists alike.

Carro de Boi outdoor lounger. Designed by Etel Carmona.

The Carro de Boi outdoor lounger, designed by Etel Carmona, is made entirely of wood with oversized wheels for old-fashioned charm. The chaise is solid ipe wood, typically found in tropical South-central America, richly stained in a uniform natural finish. It is a timeless piece; a modern interpretation of the classic, wooden lounger with a bit of Brazilian flair. The quality craftsmanship can be seen in its intricate detailing and meticulous joinery.





From the smooth slats and simple wooden frame to the prominent wheels, nuts and bolts, Carro de Boi is constructed entirely of wood. It’s built to last and will surely stay in style. Each piece produced by this Brazilian company is marked by the “DNA” tag, as they call it, which includes the initials of the designer, the year the piece was designed, the identity of the piece (product number), the number of pieces contructed in that given year, production control (which identifies the type of wood, craftsman and client) and finally the production year. No piece is the same, and each is clearly identifiable.

The lounger measures 31.5” x 61” x 75”.

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