Enchanting Calipso by Micron

However you spell it, Calypso/Calipso is the sea nymph from Greek mythology who kept Odysseus a prisoner on her island for seven years. In short, she was an intoxicating, irresistible temptress. Italian lighting company Micron is hoping you’ll also be enchanted by their Calipso, a stainless steel collection of branching colored lights. The Calipso Collection includes ceiling-mounted, table, and floor lamps, as well as two different sconces. All of these use a winding vine design anchored by colored leaves. The end result is an intensified version of nature that works as an unbelievable dichotomy. The union of organic and fantastic gets a punch of color with the crystal petals. These can be all one color or a constellation of colors (speaking of celestial matters, Calypso is also one of Saturn’s satellites). The Calipso Collection is nature on acid.

Calipso. Designed by Micron.



The ceiling-mounted Calipso sprouts like wild vines–kudzu vines come to mind, since they have a way of taking over walls (taking over everything if you live in Savannah). The sconces in this collection are more sedate; the circular model resembles a star or Chinese fireworks. The floor model acts like a beacon, a whimsical lighthouse guiding people toward the twinkling pillar. While the purple is paradisiacal, the black is bold. A combination of green and amber makes the Calipso Collection most reminiscent of the forest. All the colors are resplendent against the shiny stainless branches. The whole collection is a crystalline vision, perhaps as intoxicating as the original Calypso.

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