A Trio of Treasure: Globe Ceiling Lamp by Tracy Glover

I was going to say that the Globe Ceiling Pendant looks like an upside down RGB Lamp, but in actuality, the Globe Ceiling Pendant looks like an upside down Globe Table Lamp. In any case, there are two things about this fixture that I adore: blown glass and sphere shapes. No point in rehashing my horrible attempts at glass blowing (see past posts for that). Let’s just say that I know the difficulties of the medium firsthand.

Globe Ceiling Lamp. Designed by Tracy Glover.

Luckily, it’s exactly the incredibly stubborn and willful nature of glass that attracts artist Tracy Glover: “As a young girl Tracy Glover saw a photo of a woman blowing glass and found the image so intriguing she was inspired to try it herself. She fell in love with the challenge of working with the material.” Glover is also a rower, which gives her the strength necessary to work with molten glass (it’s HEAVY). And her credentials are impressive: a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Glover further honed her craft by working in Venice, Belgium, and Seattle—at the famed Pilchuck Glass School. She claims to be inspired by her travels around the globe, rather apropos in light of her Globe Ceiling Pendant.


A triad of three solid-colored stacked beads descends from the ceiling like some form of hallucinatory condensation. Strung like crystal baubles on a chain, the trio of glass globes is attached to a 5 inch round, brushed nickel or brushed brass stem and canopy. Topped (or finished, depending on one’s point of view) by a wagon wheel shade, the Globe Ceiling Pendant dangles for 31 inches (custom lengths available as well). A removable diffuser lets you change the spread of the suspension lamp’s illumination, which comes from two 75-watt-maximum sockets. Customers choose the colors of the glass balls, alternating different colors or choosing three of the same. The colors are as resplendent as Austrian crystal goblets or Italian Murano beads: Azalea, Citrus, Glacier, Kiwi, Malbec, Newport, Seafoam, Spice, Tide Pool, and Clear. A striped finial is a little touch of whimsy, an additional gem to this jewel of a lamp.

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