Mundo Chair: A World of Danish Design at the Wakeup Hotel

The newly opened Wakeup Hotel in Copenhagen populated its common areas with two of Fredericia Furniture’s best sellers and best lookers, the Mundo and Stingray Chairs. We really enjoy the Stingray Chair here at 3rings—not one, but two of our writers have hailed its virtues. But the Mundo Chair also deserves attention. Created by Danish designer Susanne Grønlund, Mundo “is unusual in that it both continues and refreshes the Scandinavian design tradition, while also adding a touch of humour.”

Mundo Chair. Designed by Susanne Grønlund for Mundo

In keeping with the entire Fredericia collection and philosophy, Mundo calls attention to all that we love about Danish design: simplicity that doesn’t sacrifice beauty; workmanship that doesn’t neglect comfort. Mundo takes advantage of all the “properties of wood,” including its “strength, lightness, and flexibility.” The effect is a surprisingly comfortable chair. The backrest is curved to accommodate your body and the negative space of Mundo is a world in and of itself (mundo means world in Spanish). The shell is made from form-molded veneer on top of a tubular steel frame. Woods for Mundo include lacquered oak, walnut, black oak, makassar brown, and glossy laminates in white, black, and green (my favorite). The frame is either polished chrome or matte chrome, depending on how shiny you want your world to be. Mundo can be ordered with separate seat upholstery in fabric or leather—in case your backside’s a planet in and of itself.



Certainly, the Wakeup Hotel chose Mundo for various reasons. First, Fredericia Furniture and Mundo’s designer are both Danish (a point of national pride, then). Second, Mundo has the spectacular benefit of being stackable (and easily moved with a transport dolly). Third, Mundo won’t damage the world when and if it comes to its end: the metal frame can be melted and recycled; the veneered shell can be incinerated; and plastic parts can be granulated and recycled. Also, the wood in Mundo comes from forests where planting outdoes felling. Maybe Mundo will open our eyes to the wonders of everything Danish, which, after all, includes the Øresundsbron Bridge by Dissing + Weitling (a design and engineering feat enabling people to drive from mainland Europe to Scandinavia), the PH Lamp (and artichoke), and half of Scarlett Johansson.

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