LED Sound Shelf

Does anyone out there remember high fidelity? Before what is known as a sound system disappears from this world altogether—along with records, which are now finding their way into the interiors of hip restaurants in Miami—meet the LED Sound Shelf. This combination shelf, sound system, and LED is the ideal set up for those of you who can’t let go of CDs. Yes, the same way some people have fond memories of their record collections, there are those who harbor pleasant memories of their CD collections (personally, I think records as objects are much more satisfying but that may be a direct result of the decade I grew up in).

LED Sound Shelf. Designed by Sergey.

So if you’re one of those people who want to see the CDs or DVDs lined up on a shelf—perhaps to enjoy the cover art or glossy photographs of scantily clad singers—then look no further than the LED Sound Shelf. The design mimics sound waves with its telltale V-shaped spikes interrupting the three straight shelves. A circular player off to one side creates a nice contrast to these straight lines, but it’s the LED equalizer that steals the show, complete with shifting colors to improve your mood.



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