Walter is a Slick Little Shelf by Most Modest

Walter is a Slick Little Shelf by Most Modest

Looking for a place to put stuff? You’ll be forgiven if you didn’t notice that the Most Modest Walter Shelf is right there on the wall beside you.

Most Modest Walter Shelf white

The ability to vanish into its surroundings is one of Walter’s biggest strengths. This is a svelte and streamlined little shelf that does the hard work of keeping track of those small but very important possessions

Most Modest Walter Shelf orange

It also offers several cool slotted spaces—perfect hooks for keys, which you will never lose again!

Most Modest Walter Shelf gray with phone and keys

Walter is made of durable powder-coated steel. It’s available in six textured matte colors. And Walter’s simple integrated cleat on the back makes installation easy.

Most Modest Walter Shelf green

Walter will be available to the public soon. See Most Modest to find out more. And go to Designer Pages Media for additional storage solutions.

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