From Holland with Love: Tulip by Quasar

Straight from Holland, another quirky design—this time in lighting. Direct from Quasar, Tulip “is a design that makes it possible to change the amount of light at any time by opening and fastening the zip-fasteners.” Available as a floor and table lamp, Tulip capitalizes on the allure of the zipper. Finally perfected in 1914—after countless tries using continuous hook closures—the zipper as we know it today revolutionized fashion and design.

Tulip. Designed by Quasar.

The work of Swedish-born engineer Gideon Sundback (Scandinavian, of course), the modern zipper began as the “Hookless No. 2,” a wondrous little implement in metal. The zipper has graced pants and jackets alike, as well as sofas and beds, but it has yet to become popular in lighting. Designer Sybille van Gammeren is aiming to change all this history of neglect by using the amazing implement to alter the quality of light.


Tulip Lamp not only employs the sexy zipper in its practical function, but also it uses the tool to generate “interesting flower-shapes.” With a body in stainless steel and nickel, the Tulip Floor and Table Lamps continue the shine by using aluminum zip-fasteners (must be the Dutch term for zipper). Add vibrant white and red Evacast shades to the skeleton and Tulip becomes a field of Firespray and Ice Princess blossoms. The Tulip Floor Lamp takes a 60-watt maximum bulb, while the Tulip Table Lamp takes a 40-watt maximum bulb. Complete with dimmer, Tulip adjusts to match the mood. However bright or dusky, this flowery lamp from Quasar is sexy: zippers have that way about them, given their teeth and the ever-present promise of disrobing.

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