Yoox + Established & Sons = Committee’s Limited Edition Bits & Bobs

Yoox + Established & Sons? It doesn’t get much better. Think of it like a digital shop-in-shop with Jasper Morrison, Sam Hecht and Committee available at the click of a button. Shortly thereafter (and thousands of dollars later), said object or objects arrive at your doorstep: For those of you unfamiliar, Yoox is an Italian-based, online fashion and design store and Established & Sons a contemporary British design retailer (on my short list of design favorites).  Given that neither is cheap, the combination is potentially devastating on your wallet – but remarkable nonetheless.

Bits & Bobs. Designed by Committee for Established & Sons.

The website features a range of key pieces from both the principle and signature collections of Established & Sons. As company founder Alasdhair Willis explained to Wallpaper * “The announcement of our partnership with Yoox will now give Established & Sons a genuine online presence,” something that’s become increasingly important for all businesses in recent years. This partnership is aimed at soothing the transition from the designer to the customer, and will obviously give the brand increased exposure – which Established & Sons is truly capitalizing on. As a kickoff to the web-based shop-in-shop venture, the Established & Sons central London gallery is hosting a temporary retail installation this month, mirroring the set-up of their e-commerce presence on Yoox (on display until Dec. 17).


Even better (and honing in on the stated product) Established & Sons brought in London-based, experimental design outfit, Committee to produce a limited edition work for sale online. Bits & Bobs is the “must have box”, priced at a mere $18,500. According to Wallpaper*, it is produced in both silver and gold (though it appears to be available only in silver on Yoox) with a limited run of 24 pieces. The box is constructed from a series of strange objects, including a mini ladder, a plumbing fixture and “something a bit like a sea urchin”. Following the late-night shopping launch at the Established & Sons London gallery installation last week, Bits & Bobs is now available exclusively online, from Yoox.com.

Check out some previously featured pieces from Established and Sons including: Pivot and Stack designed by Raw Edges , Tudor Cabinet designed by Jaime Hayon  and the Aqua Table designed by Zaha Hadid.

via Wallpaper*

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