The Cherner Chair for Children

You’re likely familiar with the Cherner Chair Company for their famed Cherner Chair, the 1958 molded plywood armchair that is now a midcentury icon found in design collections worldwide. Designed by Norman Cherner, it consists of a molded plywood seat constructed of laminated plywood in graduated thickness and graceful, sweeping arms of solid beech. Gossip Girl fans have seen them in the elegant apartment of Lily Bass, surrounding the kitchen table. In 1999, Norman’s two sons joined forces to form the company, after hearing countless requests to reissue their father’s designs.  

Children’s Classroom Table and Chairs. Designed by Cherner Chair Company.

They have now introduced designs by Benjamin Cherner (one of Norman’s sons), including a line of “indestructibly beautiful” furniture for design conscious kids in 2007: Children’s Classroom Table and Chairs. While the Cherner Chair exudes an elegant and delicate aesthetic, Children’s Table and Chairs are defined by a bulkier appearance since the image of fragility fairs less well with children. The molded plywood chair and tables are perfect for home or school, in either a clear beech finish or ‘Stella Orange’: classic or a bit more flashy. The table comes in two sizes: a smaller version that seats four (30”x 30”), and a larger version that seats eight – and features a recessed storage bin (40”x 40”).  The larger table is most impressive: a classic, simple design that incorporates concealed storage for legos, wood blocks and toy cars amongst other kid-necessities.  It’s a simplified design marked by practicality: both in terms of its durability and its usability.




Like the original Cherner Chair, all of the company’s designs are made in the United States.  For other classic, kid-friendly design check out Igloo Play’s Mod Topper and Mod Rocker , the European line OEUF and finally the manufacturer Argington.

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