Style Factory Alert: The Pegit Table by Jason Pool

This week we thought we would give you a double dose of Style! The first Style Friday post is for those of us who have ditched the hammer and nails idea, the entire-paycheck-for-a-designer-chair headache, and are now tired of winding through superstores looking for something to stand out. It’s called the Pegit Table, and the refreshing design of British-born Jason Pool combines his ingenuity and high quality materials with a touch of Scandinavian style.

The Pegit Table.Designed by Jason Pool.

As a graduate student at Buckinghamshire New University, Pool was a featured designer in group shows at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Business Design Center in London. These days, his furniture is what they are calling a “high-styled cousin of the flat pack” since it comes complete with parts that literally snap together. This feature allows his Pegit Table to benefit those who embrace (or are required to like) movement – whether you’re in college, a travel nurse, in the Special Forces, or simply someone who appreciates a regular change of scenery.

Style Factory Alert: The Pegit Table by Jason Pool
Style Factory Alert: The Pegit Table by Jason Pool

Pool uses a water-resistant laminated plywood and beech to create his coffee table. Mixing a dark and a light shade together creates a more dramatic contrast, standing apart from the easy-to-assemble, stalwart competitor we know as IKEA while providing a different solution to the assemblage altogether.

Apart from his current Pegit Table – that is currently vying for your votes on Style Factory – Pool has been known to craft other pieces in wood and metal that are equally as pristine in size, shape, and effect. He seems to keep the consumer and environmental impact of his designs on the forefront of his mind, inspiring us all to bring a bit more sensibility into the pieces we use to outfit our spaces.

Vote for Jason Pool’s Pegit Table this week on Style Factory by clicking here!

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