Rexa’s Vela: A Total Concept Bathroom Design

Perusing Rexa’s website and various collections, you’d never guess that the Italian company was born as recently as 2008. With the aim of introducing new materials to the forefront of bathroom solutions, making space more usable and the bathrooms long-lasting, Rexa has established itself in the league of the world’s leading bathroom manufacturers. The elegant Vela collection demonstrates the refined style and high quality of Rexa’s work.

Vela. Designed by Rexa.

Vela includes all sanitary ware (or plumbing fixtures) to furnish a modern bathroom. From sinks and toilet bowls to freestanding and built-in bathtubs, the collection is made of Korakril, a material combining acrylic resins and natural minerals. It is sturdy, hygienic, static-proof, resistant to light and staining. Each piece is defined by its sinuous curves and smooth shape. According to the company, “Space Navigation” was the inspiration for this total concept bathroom design. The washbasins, available in two different versions: floor-mounted and wall-mounted (floating), all have non standard elegant shape (something like an extruded outline of a pear). The bathtub is shaped something like a small rowboat, either a consistently thin freestanding unit or a built-in, boat shaped cavity. Keeping classic, the collection is available in with a standard white exterior as well as in numerous lacquered options including light blue, blue, aquamarine, grey tortora, black, grey and brown.









Furthermore, the Vela collection includes a uniquely shaped shower, also featuring smooth curves. The shower tray is available in the same solid colors as the other components of the collection, or in wood phenolic laminate (santos, walnut, medium grey). The shower enclosure, 8mm tempered glass, comes in various clear and tinted shades with steel hardware.

Rexa’s products are all designed in-house (or by a single design group) rather than by a series of different designers (as is often done by Axor, for instance). Imago Design, the creative think tank founded and managed by architect Gianluca Perissinotto, is responsible for all of Rexa’s product designs. The high quality is achieved through the integration of manual work together with the precision of modern machineries.

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