Jaipur Chest of Drawers from ESPASSO

Perhaps in an effort to avoid the unfamiliar cédille, Brazilian furniture company ESPASSO used two of the letter s instead—the true word for space in the Portuguese language would be espaço. Whatever the case, ESPASSO maintains showrooms in New York and Los Angeles, where they showcase both classic and new pieces of Brazilian furniture. The chosen country for the 2016 Olympics, this South American behemoth (largest country on its continent and fifth largest country in the world) displays a unique design aesthetic that “results from a blending of Brazil’s diverse cultural influeneces and a respect for traditional style.”

“Jaipur” Chest of Drawers. Designed by Cláudia Moreira Salles for ESPASSO.

Brazilian Cláudia Moreira Salles, who began her career in furniture design as an intern at the Institute of Industrial Design of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, designed the Jaipur Chest of Drawers currently available at ESPASSO. Constructed of FSC-certified woods, Jaipur is produced in Brazil by Etel Marcenaria. Choose from 14 finishing options in a variety of sustainably-harvested timber—everything from warm browns and red tones to ebony and natural finishes. At 53″ W x 18″ D x 43″ H, this chest of drawers can also serve as a console or desk. Named after the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur borrows from the Indian state known as the Pink City, which is famous for its pre-modern cities.



Every piece included in “ESPASSO’s highly innovative collection” demonstrates “the country’s rich artistic and intellectual heritage.” The simplicity of its lines, natural materials, and wooden frame make the Jaipur Chest of Drawers a tribute to the rich architectural and artistic history of Rajasthan as well as Brazil—further mixing ESPASSO’s embraced diversity.

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