Elegance Sliding Doors by Foa Porte

Italian company Foa Porte, headquartered in Parma, offers a wide range of sliding doors, which they label “doors for living.” Unlike the extremely heavy “sliding” door I just had the displeasure of attempting to use at an ultra-modern hotel that shall remain nameless, Foa Porte doors not only work, they glide. No matter how many panels, no matter how heavy, Foa Porte sliding doors respond to the lightest touch. Elegance, their line of wood frame doors, includes different models, all with lots of choices for customizing.

Elegance Collection. Designed by Foa Porte.

The Elegance doors, each named after a woman, come in various shapes. ARIANNA features a solid expanse of glass; ANTONIA has a horizontal band at the top, AMANDA includes two horizontal lines at the top and bottom; and ALLEGRA repeats a series of equally-spaced horizontal bands. The trim options alone make the Elegance Collection truly variable, but that is only the beginning. Choose a wood—anything from deep cherry to medium walnut—to coordinate with your style. Pick a finish such as sandblasted or opaline laminated glass for more customization. Glass can also be colored, with choices as unexpected as Salmon.




The real fun begins with Foa Porte’s melted glass applications, available in different designs, each of which comes in a wide array of colors. RUSSIA incorporates a Chagall-esque carnival of glass pieces. SATURNO looks like a kinetic collection of comet tails. RODONITE and PERVINCA revive a Tiffany technique of laminated glass panes that turn the Elegance doors into little tributes to the forgotten days of ornamentation. Whichever you prefer, all of the Foa Porte Elegance sliding doors will turn your thresholds into portals.

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