The C42 Sliding Door System by Raumplus

In the sliding door system entitled C42 by Raumplus, the combination of aluminum and wood melamine is as sophisticated in a bright lemon as it is in a wood veneer. Known in the industry since 1986, this second-generation company is quite comfortable advancing with the times, or shall we say advancing. Period. Depending upon the space and personal taste that guide your sliding door design, Raumplus and their eye catching C42 shades make us stop dead in our tracks.

The Raumplus C42 Sliding Doors in Aluminum, Wood or Lacquer Keep Your Space Modern

Choose between the wood veneers, melamines, and brilliant lacquers of the C42 to create a set of doors that pop or blend into its background. With the C standing for "composite", as in a composition of various materials, it's a given that you call the shots along with the expert German manufacturer. Speaking of guiding, you can opt between a bottom-guided or ceiling guided system that handles the silver anodized aluminum profile of the doors perfectly. As they say on their website, "coziness and charm" is obtained with the tight, slick glide of a Raumplus sliding door system.

Raumplus interior sliding door system

Speaking of their tracks, the solid aluminum system is outlined in a wide timber frame with horizontal braces. This ensures that stability of your C42 is first priority, "staying optically in the background in a refined style" from the rest of your home or office decor. With just a slim portion of the integrated profile visible to the trained design eye, most of the main area doors fall upon the 75 mm wide timber frame and its panel material.

Raumplus interior sliding door system

Raumplus interior sliding door system, closure

To extend the effect of customization, you can add a dividing-rail profile and subdivide the filling to add a different element of depth to your melamine surface. But regardless of the layout, the C42 by Raumplus completes the look of a classic sliding door design with handle shells that come embedded in the frame or a dividing rail. Although following the same idea, as a door system tucked away as a vertical surface, I guarantee that the C42 by Raumplus will not go unnoticed.

Posted December 1, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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