Live at #NeoConEast: Thos. Moser Brings us the Meridian Chair

It’s easy to get caught up with upholstered seating at NeoCon East as it seems to be the largest category in the contract market. Solid wood furniture is a rarety – and therefore a welcome reprieve. Handcrafted in Maine, the work of Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers focusses on the natural beauty of wood. Their workshop in Maine consists of nearly 100 mostly self-taught designers and builders. Each piece is signed and dated by the craftsman who built it, and guaranteed for the life of its first owner. Meridian is Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers newest collection by designer David Moser.

Thos. Moser’s booth at #NeoConEast.

“Clearly, the challenge here was to create an aesthetic vocabulary which recognizes the Danish modernist movement.” The designer explains, “Additionally, economy of form and material, both chief doctrines of the Moser design philosophy, were stressed rigorously with this collection.” Introduced in ash, the collection consists of dining chairs, a dining table, sideboard, hall table, and two chests of drawers. With a clean, modernist feel, the grain and texture of the wood take center stage.






To celebrate the Meridian introduction, the first 25 orders will have David Moser’s signature, in addition to the craftsman’s.

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