Teuco’s Evolution E01: Bringing the Hamam Home

Public nudity is not my forte. But the Turkish bath was on the “must do” list drafted by my Turkish friend while I was living by the “When in Rome” philosophy (though applying it to Istanbul). So I went. My masseuse, a voluptuous nude (wearing underwear), escorted me into the hamam (the bath) and yanked off my towel (modesty seems to be less prevalent there). I proceeded to be scrubbed down rather vigorously as I lay (or more accurately, slid) on a marble slab. Despite the initial “awkwardness”, the experience was beyond relaxing and I’ve never felt cleaner.

Evolution E01. Designed by Teuco.

Imagine getting these same effects in the privacy of your own home, available on a daily basis. Teuco strives to make this possible with Evolution, “the new era of showers: extremely high profile enclosures capable of giving you strong emotions.” The Evolution range features 100% steam Turkish bath and all water massages (in lieu of those typically provided by voluptuous nudes). “The pleasant and beneficial effect on the body – which is completely surrounded by steam at a constant temperature – is the same you would achieve in a hammam. The promise of health and beauty can be fulfilled only if the temperature is kept constant and uniform throughout the shower enclosure (between 40° and 50° C).”  Teuco’s Evolution E01 does all of that.

teuco evolution e01-large

teuco evolution e01-large2

I’ll admit, the aesthetics are not the same.  Rather than the sıcaklık (or warm room in the Hamam) with a large dome decorated with small glass windows, a large marble stone at the center for customers to lie on, and niches with fountains in the corners, Evolution E01 something like a bathing apparatus.  With its free-standing, oval glass form, the various chrome knobs, handles, and faucets are on display.  It is technical and futuristic in its aesthetic.  Thus for full Hamam-like affect, close your eyes.

Evolution is the new era of showers: extremely high profile enclosures capable of giving you strong emotions.
The clean and geometric design is based on the use of glass: light, invisible and yet resistant. The 8 mm thickness makes it solid and the exclusive Clean Glass anti-limescale treatment, available in all versions, keeps the original glazing effect.
The Duralast® shower tray – designed, processed and patented by Teuco – is made with an acrylic composite material that merges high performance with a unique texture to ensure prestigious design and pleasant tactile sensations. Outstanding wellness functions: 100% steam Turkish bath and all water massages.
A highly customisable model thanks to the options available in the FULL range and LIGHT range.

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