Live at #NeoConEast: Make your Walls Work for you with DIRTT’s Write Away

3Rings is a longtime fan of DIRTT whose ‘Doing It Right This Time’ mantra speaks to creating responsive, sustainable and unique workspaces through DIRTT’s Agile Architectural Solutions. From movable walls and access floors to a revolutionary software for modular workspace design, they’re striving to remedy the issue of environmental waste associated with commercial interior construction and office system configuration. Here at NeoCon East, we have the opportunity to see their most recent innovation: Write Away.

Write Away. Designed by DIRTT.

A factory-applied film for MDF (Medium Density Fibre board) or veneered tiles on DIRTT walls and doors turns standard surfaces into dry-erase marker boards. The finish is available as a clear veneer or in dozens of standard and custom colors. Dry-erase markers wipe off easily and even non-erasable markers can be removed with appropriate cleaning products.





DIRTT founder Mogens Smed explains his motivation as follows, “It is time for North America to realize we can’t perpetually build gigantic workspaces and then proceed to demolish, dispose and rebuild it in perpetuity. Frankly, it is an environmental and economical crime.” The company’s modular components feature uniform interfaces that are responsive to evolving aesthetics. The options include movable” (straight profile, constructed of glass and wood with steel panel dividers), “faceted” (featuring a curved profile with segments of glass/wood); “stick built,” (seamless, butt-jointed glass), and “curtain” (dummy walls to hide unsightly base-building walls and/or conceal infrastructure).  Write Away gives these designs even more versatility.

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