Grow Old with Moredesign’s Modi Sofa

With the move to a new apartment or house, existing furniture is oftentimes out of place. Although you may cope for a while, you forced to find more fitting replacements, and the “old” pieces end up at the curb. What if there was a sofa you could never outgrow: one capable of transforming with you and your ever-changing home? Using concepts of modularity, Italian design studio Moredesign’s Modì Sofa attempts to achieve this feat.

Modi Sofa. Designed by Moredesign.

Think of it as a DIY sofa. The design breaks down seating and surfaces to their essential parts. It’s interactive and modular, enabling infinite customization and configurations. "Modì springs from the desire to interpret space both within and outside of the home. The heart of the concept lies in the modularity of its elements and the iconic, essential design. In this way, we’ve left ample room for the user’s creativity, allowing for interaction with the product and the environment." Flat modules consist of a grid-like base, capable of being built-up into a sofa (with the proper cushions) or fitted with a glass top to create an end table or coffee table. Seat cushions, back and armrest modules and end pieces enable it to be configured as anything rom a small chair to a chaise longue or as a large sectional.

moredesign moda-large6

moredesign moda-large2

moredesign moda-large3

moredesign moda-large4

moredesign moda-large5

moredesign moda-large7

It exemplifies long-term sustainability. Maybe it’s not your style – but regardless, the concept lends to future development in wider variety of aesthetics. Straight sofa or sectional? Chaise right, terminal left or terminal left, chaise right? Modi Sofa lets you have it all, with a simple kit of parts. Thus functionality is at the forefront of the design.

Posted October 19, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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