At #NeoConEast: USG Libretto’s Gridless Ceiling

Gridded ceiling tiles are unfortunately still in abundance. They’re inexpensive, provide acoustical benefits and mask electrical and plumbing work – while keeping it accessible. Fortunately, other options can provide these same benefits in more aesthetically satisfying ways. NeoCon East brings us USG Libretto’s Gridless Ceiling – featuring individually fabricated aluminum panels that interconnect to form a continuous, uninterrupted plane.

Gridless Ceiling. Designed by Till Grosch for USG Libretto.

The custom-manufactured components install easily without cutting or fitting and support backlighting, uplighting, and accent lighting. Configured as islands, canopies, radials, crescents and other shapes, the Gridless Ceiling solution can be customized to the size, shape and architectural features of a space..  The aluminum panels are available with either round or square perforations, in various sizes, allowing for more or less light penetration distribution options. Even the concealed carrier system is custom fit, with a choice of three perimeter profiles to achieve the proper scale for your space.  The system incorporates lighting either through diffused distribution or direct lighting within.  



Each assembly is designed for as a kit such that installation can be achieved efficiently and without field modifications.  Thus the design can be completed quickly and easily. Whether you’re staying classy with white light or creating a moody atmosphere with various shades – Libretto’s system can easily achieve your desired aesthetic.

Light Wave designed by Till Grosch represents another option in lieu of gridded ceiling tiles, with its three-dimensional floating ceiling system (still in the concept phase).

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