At #NeoConEast: Two Timing with Pallas Textiles

Pallas Textiles was named after the Greek goddess of weaving, Pallas Athena. They therefore have to live up to a paragon of beauty. Designer Lucy Aiken-Johnson is helping the company uphold its stately agnomen with her new collection, Two Timing. The sexy range of fabrics “marries geometric architecture with classic fashion for an artful balance of style and structure.” Meant to recall quilted jackets, fishnet stockings, and pea coats, among other fashion icons, Two Timing includes four fabric patterns: Classy, Racy, Cheeky, and Sheepish.

Two Timing. Designed by Lucy Aiken-Johnson for Pallas Textiles.

Classy interprets the classic quilted jacket, with a large, subtle check in elegant neutrals such as Copper, Bronze, and Platinum. Classy also has a few saturated hues such as Eyeliner and Garnet. If Classy is English gentleman, then Racy is Parisian lady of the night, a Lautrecian dance girl in fishnet stockings. The tight diamond repeat comes in 15 colors, both neutrals and bright jewel tones. Colors like Aubergine, Citron, and Peacock shimmer alluringly—a wink from an eye glimmering with shadow. Cheeky is more Shirley MacLaine in Irma la Douce, its embossed dots mirthful with sheen. The play of matte and shine gives Cheeky some interesting depth, especially in the more dramatic tones of Lipstick and Tangerine. Sheepish rounds out the Two Timing Collection, a sublime felted wool in heathered neutrals “timeless as a sailor’s pea coat.”



Pallas Textiles marks its 20th anniversary in 2009, and Two Timing represents the company’s sophisticated portfolio quite well. Like Pallas, Two Timing offers a range of harmonious fabrics, from the time-honored to the avant-garde.

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