Ring Faucet by Sun Liang

Apply the idea of a peep hole to a faucet and here’s what you get. Fortunately, the resulting form is more eloquent than my aforementioned statement. Ring Faucet by Sun Liang literally carves a round hole into a rectangular form, providing a bird’s eye view of water as it flows freely from the edges of the circle, as if from a waterfall. Considering the unusual and awe-inspiring perspective, you’re likely to let the water run; so don’t consider Ring a water conservation technique.

Ring Faucet. Designed by Sun Liang.

The faucet itself is simple in form. The thin, flat spout cantilevers over the basin. Mounted on the counter or wall, it adopts the conventional interface with hot and cold knobs.  The Ring faucet was designed while Liang was a student at the National University of Singapore and won the Red Dot Luminary at the Red Dot Concept Award 2006. Designed to highlight the beauty of water, it eliminates with conventional aerators and fine mesh to feature a spout of austenitic stainless steel alloy.



Liang’s design realizes the faucet as a stage for water’s performance, a concept that has since been executed in other forms by other designers. Octopus design in collaboration with Bruno Sacco of Hansa, former head of Mercedes-Benz design, developed a faucet from which water cascades, emerging in a smooth sheet to create a waterfall effect: HansaLatrava.

On the subject of new faucet forms (for the bathroom), check out Wings Collection manufactured by Hamat. Rather than conventional knobs and handles, the “wings” themselves serve as the hot and cold knobs. Digitecture, the Ondus Collection manufactured by Grohe, modernizes the entire bathroom experience.

Unfortunately, it seems that Liang’s award winning concept has yet to be manufactured; and there’s no guarantee that it ever will be.  Regardless, it’s worth looking at, and perhaps it will inspire additional experimentation in the field of faucet design.

via Trendir and Yanko Design

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