A Fluid Departure: Fan Faucets Interpret Cultural Icon

Fluid Faucets

designs every fixture around an inspiration from the natural world: "Nature, art and architecture: each fluid faucet design makes a subtle connection to the influences of our environment." Their products are modeled after natural wonders like birds, penguins, rainbows, and ruins (Fluid counterparts: Toucan, Penguin, Sublime, and Jovian), but the company also gets inspired by man-made wonders, especially if they carry cultural importance.

Fan. Designed by Fluid Faucets.


is their faucet line that interprets a ritualized object from the Far East: “Once representing social status in ancient Asia, the fan series borrows its graceful lines and motion from this history.” Fan faucet and tub filler emit water in a waterfall flow while incorporating water-saving features such as a low-flow aerator. In fact, the Fan Faucet has earned WaterSense certification. Given Fluid’s attention to the environment, the Fan line’s hydro-conservation is no surprise. After all, Fluid is the mastermind behind Caroma, a leader in low-flow, high-powered, dual flush toilets (which were featured on the Today Show last March in a spot where Green Gadget Guy Steve Greenberg flushed potatoes).

A Fluid Departure: Fan Faucets Interpret Cultural Icon

A Fluid Departure: Fan Faucets Interpret Cultural Icon

Fan replicates the signature shape of the Asian cultural icon. The tub filler has a triagonal head that’s imposing and impressive–and a perfect shape for a waterfall flow. The Fan sink faucets have handles with delicate fan miniatures, which makes you want to turn them on and off rather gracefully, as if lifting a teacup. The overall shape of Fan's design is unusual for bath fixtures, where straight columns and curved arcs rule the day. Fan comes in a polished chrome finish, so you can admire yourself in its reflective surface as if you were a Geisha. But beware: Fan's beauty will probably outlast yours. Fluid faucets have a lifetime warranty-one of the reasons the company uses quality materials: "While others substitute plastic, we continue to use brass to ensure our lifetime warranty means something–and that is good for the environment."

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