At #IIDEX09: Zinco Green Roof Systems

If you’ve wanted to find out more information about green roofs, then visit Zinco Green Roof Systems at IIDEX/NeoCon Canada 2009. Zinco was way ahead of the times: the Canadian company has over 40 years experience developing “a wide range of proven green roof systems designed to succeed in virtually any landscape hardiness zone.” With fantastic economic and ecological benefits, green roofs make great sense. Use them in residential or commercial projects, anywhere from flat to sloped roofs.

Green Roof Systems. Designed by Zinco.

I’ve wanted a green roof for my home in Colorado—and this would certainly be difficult (even for Zinco). With a growing season of less than 45 days and winter temperatures as cold as -40°F, this location would test Zinco’s skill. So there’s a challenge to the Canadian green wonder! If you live in a normal climate, Zinco has got you covered. The company recently completed a gorgeous green roof for a Toronto home. Multi-tiered, multi-layered, the residence features beautiful materials such as wood, stones, and metal, all of which contrast nicely with the rich, variegated greenery of the roof—and that’s got everything from deep emerald to subtle moss, as well as vibrant touches of red and purple. Trees, shrubs, grasses: this Toronto green roof has it all.





If you’re not convinced of the benefits, let me stress a few important aspects. First, green roofs improve air quality. That’s right—so you can breathe better. Second, they minimize noise pollution. Third, they reduce dust and smog. And finally, green roofs also provide a natural habitat, so you can watch birds or butterflies. If you’re watching your budget, green roofs also help the bottom line by reducing energy costs, retaining water (less pipes and drains to build equals less construction cost), and increase living space. Given that green roofs have only recently been considered as serious alternatives, I believe that Zinco has got not only a clever team, but really a constructo-psychic on their hands. Whoever he or she may be, perhaps you can meet the clairvoyant at the Zinco booth.

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