At #IIDEX09: The Uplift Cabinet by Robern

After the impressive coup of Sugatsune’s Lapcon Cabinet Hardware, I was of the impression that bathroom cabinetry storage issues had all been swept under the rug (or hidden within one of the ingeniously underplayed nooks and crannies of a Sugatsune Cupboard). So when I first beheld Robern’s ultra-functional and super smart Uplift Cabinet, I was somewhat torn between downtrodden lament (“woe betide us—our bathroom cabinets are still deficient”) and joyful exclamation (“hallelujah, an all-in-one wall-mounted solution to the problem of all that stuff!”).

Uplift Cabinet. Designed by Robern.

Given the choice, I’ll go with the latter, especially since we recently endured a rather painful and revelatory bathroom cupboard clean-out. If we’d had Uplift, certain pharmaceutical mis-placements and subsequent chaotic exchanges could have certainly been avoided, since the elegant and seamless vertically-opening no-swing aperture houses a set of pristine adjustable ¼” clear glass shelves whose orderly elegance demands a certain disciplined arrangement. A shorter way of saying this is that Uplift just looks too darn good to fudge it up with oozing tubes of skin cream and the like.




But beyond the impressive aesthetic—which I’ll characterize as “millennial smarts meets old Hollywood glam”—Uplift makes mucho sense to be sure. Here’s the short list of the cabinet’s functional attributes: vertical-sliding aperture enables zero-clearance installation; position opening mechanism sets the door at any desired level; 60% recycled aluminum content; electric column with six ETL-listed outlets; low-wattage LED interior lighting; low wattage nightlite handle and mirror defogger; optional flat-screen TV mount; coordinating wall sconces; and multiple mounting options (including recessed or semi-recessed). I could go on (and if you would that I did, click here for more), but, really, why bother. The gist of uplift is that it’s an elegant and functional storage solution for a space that gets out of hand, easily and often. And in my experience, a clean and uncluttered bathroom is a rarefied creature indeed, but with the onset of Uplift, odds are good that less mess is well on the horizon.

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