At #IIDEX09: Patcraft Designweave’s Define and Conquer

Inspired by the timeless, straight-line design of classic business suits, Define & Conquer from Patcraft Designweave, a commercial-grade carpet manufacturer, features a classic tonal stripe “permeated with textural patterning and saturated by a lush color palette.” In neutrals or bright saturated colors, Define & Conquer is 100% upcyclable, 100% safe for future generations and affordable too.  From corporate conference rooms, healthcare lobbies, retail spaces or college libraries.


“Mid-market is not about designing down to meet a lower price point. For us, it’s always about designing up from a trusted starting point for design to a value price point.” From conceptual pieces, to one-off designs, limited edition pieces, and ultra high-end manufacturers, it’s nice (and warrant’s a sigh of relief) to find products more people are more likely to be able to afford and experience.   Given the plethora of carpet tile manufacturers, Patcraft Designweave’s commitment to sustainability, affordable pricing, high-quality products with exceptional warrantee coverage is among the best.





The carpet tiles can be arranged with the stripe in alternating directions for a gridded pattern or aligned for a more subtle, textured aesthetic. Constructed using 100 percent Eco Solution Q® premium branded nylon and EcoWorx, the first fully sustainable, non-PVC, carpet backing for modular commercial carpet products, Define and Conquer can help you earn points toward the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED© Green Building Rating System.  It is one of the first certified Cradle to Cradle products in the world and is NSF 140 certified.

“Each is specifically designed to work for the people working and living on top of them. All are custom specified. Some are one of a kind. And every single surface is chosen from among hundreds of styles in more than 50 collections, imagined and engineered by a select team of talented designers.”

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