130 Degree Shower Box by BMOOD

Perhaps it was the scene in Psycho that got me paranoid about showering, but to this day I do not favor any bathroom furniture that’s transparent. Having said that, I do realize (in more rational moments) that most people favor a certain amount of translucency in their bathroom items—notably showers. If you are brave enough to enter the crystalline shower module, then I might suggest BMOOD‘s 130º Shower Box. Part of the Italian company’s Degree Collection, 130º is a standing wall shower with a white floor tray—though it’s the signature doors that mark the piece.

130 Degree Shower Box. Designed by BMOOD.

Made of colored methacrylate or clear glass, the Degree Shower encases you in plastic as if you were a fabulous doll all the more valuable within its box. Notwithstanding the recent bad reputation of plastic, it remains a remarkable material in all its incarnations. Just examine Alexandra von Furstenberg’s lucite Blacksmith Desk or Stefano Bettio’s Giralot shelving. The entire Degree Collection works on the idea of rotation, so each piece is named for the amount of degrees the piece turns. Besides the 130º Shower Box, there is also the 155º Washbasin and the 361º Wall Lamp. The Shower Box works beautifully in conjunction with the other pieces—without attaining a blanket uniformity (the collection is diverse in materials and shapes). The entire effect of the Degree Collection is of “unique spaces for the body wellbeing.”




BMOOD wants to give the bathroom the respect it deserves. The company acknowledges that bathrooms are intimate spaces that exist for more than routine: “If life philosophy is expressed through the bathroom, where the body lives privileged moments because of privacy and the search for ourselves, BMOOD’s aim is to give a semantic meaning to the bathroom area functions.” The meaning of 130º (for those who are not translucent-phobic) is clear: the entire shower should center around your body, wrapping you as if you were a present.

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