Wetstyle’s Minimal, Modular, and Marvelous M Collection

Faithful readers will remember how—some seven months back—fellow 3ringer Alicita waxed a bit poetical about that most geometrically precise of design configurations, the commendable cube. Wetstyle’s inspired contribution to straight-lined bathroom schemes—the CUBE Tub— allowed such flights of fancy as “the cube in the bath contrasts beautifully with the soft fluidity of that most sensual and healing element, water. The cube’s striking linearity, its boxy silhouette, reminds us that we have harnessed the natural and brought it indoors.”

Mirrored cabinet. Vanity. Storage cabinet. Manufactured by Wetstyle. Designed by Joël Dupras.

Well, wonderful Wetstyle is at it again, this time with designer Joël Dupras‘ minimalist and modular (and alliterative) M collection. One look at this new series of cabinetry and vanities and I’m sold–and not only because the name evokes Kafka’s habit of making his characters eminently anonymous and all but out of sight—because the very same could be said for the M collection’s penchant for performing disappearing tricks. To wit, “To store all accessories and products out of sight: such is the concept of M furniture. Total relaxation is only possible within a minimalist environment.” So if you can’t abide make-up strewn vanities, toothbrushes askew, or casually-draped towels, M is definitely for you (the neatnik title character of Seinfeld may have gone for it, if he’d had a sense of style).




But M does much more than seamlessly stow your bathroom accessories. “by combining vanity, medicine, storage and linen cabinets in various sizes, one can easily create a custom bathroom, according to the available space and storage needs.” The point of M thus becomes a custom-sized storage solution—be your bathroom of spacious or diminutive dimensions. Evoking an aesthetic Wetstyle likens to the spare and clean lines of Japanese minimalism, M’s components come in multiple finishes and colors: oak veneer in natural, white, wenge, and white-washed; walnut veneer in natural or chocolate; or lacquered in white or anthracite. Other features mesh with the Far East notion of slow and careful craftsmanship: drawer boxes in solid dovetailed maple, for instance. And M is made to last—the topcoat on the wood veneer finish is the very same used in nautical applications, thus imparting formidable moisture resistance for perpetually steamy bathrooms.

Mirrored cabinets with optional LEDs, storage cabinets with sliding doors, and a wall-mounted linen cabinet that seems to float above the floor round out the picture. But wait, there’s more… demonstrating an eye to continuity from one inspired product to the next, the M collection also features storage furniture specifically integrated with the aforementioned CUBE tub: “four niches or two shelves with an optional double-swing door. The furniture appears to be built into the bathtub, but this is a visual illusion created by the continuity of the veneer on the bathtub wall.” Did he say “continuity?” My sentiments exactly.

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