Till Grosch: Ceiling Mounted Light Wave

It used to be that a drop ceiling consisted of a vinyl or metal grid with lay in ceiling tiles. Most often, acoustic tiles were interspersed with acrylic panels that diffused light from a florescent light fixture above. This is still the case in many, if not most office buildings. Fortunately, other options do exist. Concept designer Till Grosch recently developed the Light Wave 3D lighting platform: an innovative suspended ceiling/lighting solution defined by its fluid movement of convex and concave shapes.

Light Wave. Designed by Till Grosch.

Grosch defines Light Wave as “a communal lighting object”. Modules of 50cm by 50cm can be combined in various pixel-type configurations to create a larger composition. The individual modules are designed such that their curved outlines create 3dimensional shapes that enable the endless addition of modules.  The modules connect to each other rather than requiring a separate grid, thus allowing the composition to cover all or part of the ceiling, depending on your desires.

tim grosch -large1

tim grosch-large2

From public spaces to party venues, Light Wave is a new option for solving lighting needs and masking HVAC systems that simultaneously provides ambience.  This fresh take on ceiling tiles will hopefully encourage a widespread departure from the standard and bland office building aesthetic that remains predominant today.  The tinted illuminated modules have a similar aesthetic as the Dupont Corian Illumination series, but their materiality remains unknown.  Between the different configurations and (potential) opportunity for additional color palettes, the aesthetic can be personalized and varied. 

The designer, Till Grosch, is a graduate of Universität der Künste and currently works at Studio Aisslinger.

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