Furniture by Zoe Mowat

Furniture by Zoe Mowat

Canadian designer Zoe Mowat’s distinctive furniture designs feature bold geometric blocks of solid wood and bright color.

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Zoe Mowat’s work is characterized by simple forms, bold colors and unusual material combinations.

Made from solid FSC certified walnut and plywood, the Cache Storage Cabinet (above) provides a hiding place for books, records, collections, equipment and other accoutrements. Solid walnut surfaces contrast with customizable matte paint finishes to create the perfect resting place for close-at-hand storage. Cache is extra-long and spacious, so it can house all your varied treasures.

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Following the same design language of the larger and lower Cache Storage Cabinet, the Tall Cache Cabinet (above) is a vertical, space-conscious version of the Cache series. Slender solid walnut legs elevate easy access storage behind customizable panels in contrasting stripes of color and hardwood. The three separate compartments can house linens, books, or a trove of treasured objects. Cache also provides an extra hidden compartment tray at the top for additional, more private storage.

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Layers of walnut, industrial felt and hand turned maple are attentively combined to form Mowat’s Pedestal Table (above). A colourful striped pediment base, aided by a wedge of tapered felt, supports the solid walnut table surface. The sculptural Pedestal Table is a perfect accompaniment to a bedside or favorite chair.

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About the designer: Zoë Mowat operates Zoë Mowat Design, a furniture and object design studio in Montreal, Quebec. Zoë's work has a strong sculptural component with emphasis on simple forms, bold colours and unusual material combinations. Zoë values material integrity and quality craftsmanship in her work, and aims to inspire the user with a lasting object that won't need replacing. She has exhibited her work across Canada, in the US and Europe.

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