Pop Solid’s DIY Recession-friendly Furniture Series

Prototypes, though cool and inspiring, are often out of reach for two reasons: the first financial, and the second that they don’t go into production. Individuals lacking the fancy tools, technology, and state-of-the art materials can’t simply recreate these pieces. Recession Design introduces an exception to that rule.  “[It] is a collection of objects created using everyday DIY products that are processed and assembled using common utensils and accessories.”

P.3 Armchair, Design Nicola Golfari.

The recession has resulted in job loss, pay-cuts, and general fear. Spending has decreased not only out of necessity, but also for fear of how it may look. The economic situation has (for many) forced a self-evaluation of spending habits – for others, it has inspired rethinking and re-evaluation in different areas. Recession Design originated from an idea by the Milanese design studio Pop Solid, to use the current economic situation as “a pretext and opportunity to scrutinize the contemporary design world.” The “provocation-exhibition” on the subject of DIY DESIGN presents the theme of designing in an ironic (but not too ironic) manner that transcends the trends and fashions of the moment and refocuses the design process on pure form and function. The pieces are not meant to be aesthetically simple or ‘toy-like’, but exhibit the pureness and clarity of high design despite their use of humble materials. 

recession design -large2

V.1 Vase. Designed by Carmine Deganello.

recession design -large3

P.1 Chair. Designed by Paola de Francesco, João Silva.

recession design -large4

C.1 Bedside Table. Designed by Luis Almeida.

recession design -large5

S.2/P.2 Chair and Armchair. Design by Dragana, Zoran Minic.

recession design - large6

SE.1 Clothes Horse, Design by Wilson Galvão.

recession design -large7

LE.1 Sofa Bed, Design Marissa Morelli, Max Rommel.

Things cost money; furniture is expensive. Products and pieces are often marked with shockingly high price tags. What if you could just make it yourself? “Easily repeatable design thanks to simple and clear instructions”; maybe now you can.

This provacatively-themed and titled series was first shown during the Milan Furniture Fair as an Interni 2009 Fuorisalone (“Off-Fair”) event in the Pop Solid space.  Art Direction by Pop Solid; photography by Max Rommel; graphic design by Petralito Rotiroti Associati.

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