The Kozo Lamp: Offering a New Life for Old Pipes

If the movie Wall-E didn’t make you think robots were cute, then you’re as cold as the creature’s metal torso. In the vein of such a being, Kozo Lamps turn galvanized steel pipes into bionic animals. Hailing from Tel Aviv’s Demo/design clinic, a group of seven designers who studied together and now share a studio, the Kozo line uses pipes from around the world, each bearing the trademark of its country—a passport stamp for androids.

Kozo Lamp. Manufactured by Demo/design clinic.

The Israeli design group stresses the authenticity of Kozo parts: “The materials are left raw and alive, with little authentic rust at the joints and the marks from hand tools that were used in the assembly process.” To finish off the machine appeal of Kozo, Demo/design clinic fitted the pipe lamps with an on/off tap switch. Like the Krank LED Lamp, Kozo recalls childhood construction toys: this gives Kozo a nostalgic, tactile charm. Kozo1 houses up to a 60 watt light bulb. This smallest lamp measures 20 cm in length, height, and depth. Let Kozo1 live on a small desk in your loft foyer, where it can greet you after a hard day’s work. Its bulb head shines at your arrival. Kozo2 uses a 20 watt halogen bulb, making it a little more industrious. With a 20 cm length, 30 cm height, and 20 cm depth, Kozo2 is a much taller fellow, aiming to please with its functionality. Put Kozo2 to work in your office, where its halogen-glowing face will cast a task-appropriate radiance. Kozo3 is a bit taller and wider, although it does not outdo its smaller sibling in light output (25 cm l x 40 cm h x 20 cm d, 20 watt halogen bulb). Keep Kozo3 at a drafting station, so you can angle its body over your blueprints.


Each of the Kozo Lamps transforms the everyday into the artful. By repurposing materials, Demo/design clinic keeps it “on the green side.” Their “basic attitude is to manufacture less.” This way, they reinvigorate familiar materials and objects instead of having to fabricate new products from scratch. If you want to adopt a Kozo, you have the added option of purchasing it through etsy. Give a home to Kozo1-3 and light up your life in the process!

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