The Dutch Chair-men: Crazy about Hare Chair’s Sorbet

I may be one of the few people who, as a child, loved sorbet, particularly orange-flavored. In Miami, this treat seemed sunny and refreshing in the scalding afternoon sun. So it’s with great enthusiasm that I write about Hare Chair’s Sorbet Chair, a wire mesh chair that’s comfortable and stackable. Yes, in fact the Dutch brand has developed a wire chair that is NOT an “irritating seat experience.”

Sorbet Chair. Designed by Sander van Dorn and Ton Haas of Hare Chair.

Because the wires are “all in the same plane,” the Sorbet Chair is actually agreeable to the behind: “Sorbet surpasses all existing wire mesh chairs in its comfort and ergonomics and with its simple geometry it is a pleasure for the eye as well.

” Available with or without armrest, the Sorbet Chair looks like an 80s pair of fishnets infused with color. In orange, Sorbet is a tropical delight; in tangerine, it’s a tart joy; in turquoise, it’s a calm retreat. Hare Chair’s principal founders, Sander van Dorn and Ton Haas, “are real chairmen.” They research the way people sit and respond with technological and ergonomic advances that make “furniture that people understand and are happy to use.”



Stack a pile of Sorbet Chairs in the office for impromptu meetings; keep an assortment in your home closet for an unexpected party. With Sorbet, you’ll always be prepared. Refresh yourself and your guests with Hare Chair’s surprisingly invigorating wire mesh chair—it’s cool on the eyes and the skin.

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