Personalize your Vanity: Versatile by Sonia

One surmises that the 1990 pairing of Sonia and the Ferrer Group was one of those conspicuous matches of the Yin and Yang variety. "Born into the bosom of the Ferrer Group," as the company website puts it, the producer and manufacturer of bath accessories represents a creative appendage of Ferrer, plastic mold manufacturer and producer of taps and valves for the automotive industry since the late 70s. Suffice it to say that Sonia designs and Ferrer builds.

Versatile Collection. Manufactured by Sonia.

The synergy between the two is much enhanced via their integrated CAD technology, which allows simulated assemblies, appraisal of control tolerances, and sampling of finishes. In light of the former, it's tempting to chalk up the genesis of the Versatile Series of modular vanities, basins, and countertops to this virtual technology, since Versatile represents the flesh and blood incarnation of the CAD facsimiles. Somewhat in the spirit of the Mondart Modular Bathroom Unit, Versatile is just that: the collection is a mix-and-match/do-it-yourself temptation of frames, consoles, and countertops. The boxes are made of water resistant, laminated marine-grade plywood (in the alliterative iterations of walnut, wenge', and white ash) and the fronts are made of colored glass in solids or graphic prints. The collection also includes optional accents (chrome frame mirrors, shelves, assorted hooks-even stainless steel legs for the free-standing model).

Personalize your Vanity: Versatile by Sonia




Of course, Versatile is all about consumer choice. As senior designer Raul Villares Gayan says, "the collection motivates homeowners and designers to demonstrate their own artistic expression... even in the confines of a bath. Creativity can take place anywhere and this collection definitely demonstrates that." Not to discount the artistic flair of the average Joe, but Versatile's versatility (base heights in 16" and 24"; frame lengths in 24", 31", 39", and 47"; and fronts in green, orange, red, and white) certainly doesn't impede said creativity.

Homeowners and designers aren't the only party to Versatile's delights. The judges of this year's Woman's Day magazine's KB Awards concurred as to Versatile's voluminous virtues: "with its slick, artsy doors and dynamic configuration, this cabinet has a distinct, bath-specific personality, as opposed to typical vanities that look like mere adaptations of kitchen cabinets." Not only that, but the collection has a person-specific personality as well. Versatile represents the rare pleasure of a customized look that won't cost you the college fund.

Posted July 15, 2009 by Joseph Starr

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