Neos IV: A Calming Solution to Economic Downturn

The economic downturn has led to increased stress levels – which in turn have led to the rising demand for revitalizing and therapeutic experiences. A rain effect overhead shower and four directional hydromassage jets which relax and stimulate: Roca’s Neos IV (necessarily) brings you to the height of well-being, regardless of your current situation.

Neos IV. Manufactured by Roca.

The newest addition to the Neos series, Neos IV is a free-standing hydromassage shower column, ideal for wellness centers including spas, gymnasiums and healf space in addition to domestic wet rooms and open bath spaces. The single vertical column is equipped with hydromassage jets (with mobility) and a thermostatic or single level (manual mixer), the overhead shower reaching horizontally to provide the rain effect. Practicality and personal wellness merge within this new design. The brushed stainless steel finish and freestanding aspect make the shower column easy to care for and consistently looking clean.


Roca has been leading the way in bathroom design.  Their groundbreaking Washbasin + Watercloset (W+W), merges the washbasin and watercloset (sink and toilet), functionally as well as physically, into one fixture.  Designed to save space and conserve water, W+W was a winner of the bi-yearly ISH 09 Design Plus Award in Frankfurt for its innovative concepts in sustainability.  The Neos series, though not as innovative a concept, manages to streamline the shower column, creating various typologies for different applications.  The free-standing version, Neos IV, provides new opportunities for placement and usage.  Highly suitable for  wellness centers and health resorts in particular, it combines the hydromassage “essentials” into an easily installed and maintained unobtrusive object – 2200mm (height) x 210 mm (width) x 135 mm (depth).

So regardless of your economic situation and your current job outlook, Neos IV by Roca can ( at least temporarily) transport you to the height of well-being!

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