Keuco’s Colorboards: Powerful Palettes for the Powder Room

“Colours trigger emotions; they refresh or calm.”  Warm and harmonious (yellow and brown); stimulating and vitalizing (red and violet); calming and relaxing (blue and green): clever use of colour creates atmosphere and ambiance, inspires moods, and even alters the perceived size of a room.  “KEUCO has embraced the subject of color in the bathroom with its new Colorboards,”  encouraging a new approach to design in which decisions are derived from an overarching theme – a color palette determined by the desired ambiance.

Colorboards. Manufactured by Keuco.

Polished or brushed, white or ecru?  Decisions which have previously dictated bathroom design are now seemingly miniscule.   Colorboards customizable bathroom furniture is built from back-painted glass 10mm thick ESG safety glass painted on the rear side) in standard colours: anthracite, olive, red, violet, white or any custom colour of your choosing (by RAL #).  Various mounting solutions and optional built-in elements further customize the designs. Front panels can be configured to incorporate towel holders and cosmetic napkin dispensers.  This collection aims to streamline the bathroom, eliminating the need for the numerous accessories that generally clutter the walls and countertops.  This trend can be seen in the Axor Urquiola collection (a washbasin and tub with “handles” that serve as towel racks) as well as within individual products such as Read@Roll manufactured by design bu (incorporating a magazine rack within a toilet paper holder.  The Colorboards collection also includes a mirror with side-lighting and a shelf, for the continuation of a streamlined design throughout the space.



The bathroom has become a flexible space; “more than somewhere to wash.”  Designers have taken advantage of this societal trend, redefining the space and re-conceptualizing the way in which it is used.  Renowned Patricia Urquiola describes the bathroom as “the space of intimacy, encounter, family sharing” and her collection for Axor blurred the boundaries between living and bathing.  According to German manufacturer Keuco, “It is now a living space in its own right, a retreat in which to take care of oneself and a place for feeling relaxed and comfortable.  As such, it’s becoming more important to create ambience and atmosphere in our bathrooms, to personalize them and make them as individual as any other room in the house.”  Keuco’s Colorboards are a modern and sophisticated means of achieving just that.

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