Quadrum Wall Panels by Difasa: Customize Your Point of View

Like this week’s Andreu World, difasa Espacio originates from the land of olive groves and Don Quixote, of Hapsburg Monarchs and Surrealist Painters; and also like Andreu World, this manufacturer of “walk in closets, wardrobes, work and home offices, bookshelves and laundry rooms” approaches product development with equal parts pragmatism and passion. Like the great Iberian Peninsula itself, it seems that Spanish designers personify the curious juxtaposition, the iconoclastic contrast.

Quadram. Manufactured by Difasa.

How else to explain the conflux of ingenuity and aesthetic panache that is Difasa’s Quadrum series of hanging panels and closet doors. I like to think of Quadrum as the perfect synthesis of two treasured products from 3rings’ past: Noodle’s collection of digital wall coverings, lampshades, and window blinds, and Foa Porte’s Tekno collection of sliding glass doors. Combining the customized options of the former with the functionality, versatility, and easy installation of the latter, Quadrum’s panels provide a door or room-divider (suspended from up top via a hidden ceiling track) finishable in thousands of options: lites and frames in Italian melamine (11 different colors and false grains) or exotic wood veneers (cherry, ash, beech, oak, or ebony); central panels in 3mm thick lacquered glass in eight different colors; or with the digitally-imprinted, customized image of your choice.


This last option distinguishes Quadrum from similar products, fulfilling, as it does Difasa’s promise of a “punto de vista personalizado” (“your very own personal point of view”). Much as with Noodle’s wall coverings and window blinds, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your repository of engaging images. But given the options previewed on their website, a theme of sorts emerges: a panoramic sepia cityscape; a towering bridge, its mammoth trusses and cables strung with neon lights; the rocky massifs of the Matterhorn.

The implication is that Quadrum’s customized panels can create the illusion of increased space, always a boon in the cramped apartments of NYC or SF. Of course, one could always go the other way and take a miniaturist’s perspective: water-smoothed pebbles in a transparent, sandy tide; a pastiche of autumn leaves; pink tulips kissed by morning dew. So whether you desire to create the illusion of passage into the great, big world beyond, or of a window onto the astounding minutiae of nature, Difasa’s Quadrum let’s you do just that.

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