Feel the Pressure: Gessi’s Segni Showerhead

One of things I love to do when I visit my parents is take a shower in their bathroom. They have a huge rainfall showerhead that’s got just enough pressure to relieve sore muscles. The one drawback is that it happens to look like a giant colander. My niece thinks it looks like a metal lollipop, and my father likens it to a Portuguese Man-o-War. The familial consensus is that it feels so good we don’t care what it looks like. Now, imagine transforming this fantastic fixture into something refined and elegant. That’s exactly what Italian company Gessi has done with their Segni Collection.

Segni Collection Tondo showerhead. Manufactured by Gessi.

Beautiful showerheads with rainfall action, the Segni showerheads feature sleek shapes in two heights, each finished in mirrored or brushed steel. The Quadro version is a square dollop of gleaming steel, available in a 270mm or 90mm height. They sprout from the ceiling like shiny ring boxes. The Ovale edition is a twinkling oval cabochon, and the Tondo is a silver pearl. In sparkling clusters, the Segni showerheads make jewel-like sculptures—while offering luxuriant hydromassage.


Segni Collection Quadro showerhead. Manufactured by Gessi.

Part of Gessi’s Private Wellness line, the Segni showerheads come in various water pressures, including rainfall and water blades. All of the offerings can be equipped with fixed or fluctuating chromatherapy lights. If the ceiling-mounted showerheads are not enough for you, then pair them with additional wall-mounted fixtures. For a romantic mood, keep the Tondo set to emit a rose glow. For deep relaxation, try a group of Quadro with blue lights. The green is invigorating (dare I say like an Irish spring?). The only difficulty presented by Segni is choosing the right number, the right shape, and the right color. Otherwise, just stand beneath the spray and relax.

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