Inax’s New Shower Booth is Slim, Sleek, and Smart

To my mind, this new shower booth by manufacturer Inax represents the fortuitous collusion of a pair of previous 3rings products. If we travel back to the nearly forgotten month of September, 2010, we find the sleek and steamy minimalism of KOS shower cabins—a collection of steel and glass enclosures that provide the intimacy of the phone booth and the contemporary panache of a close-fitting pair of Italian shoes. And if we journey over the mere space of a week (less, in fact), we’ll encounter once again the smart versatility and cheeky humor of Albero. The Inax Shower Booth combines the slim boxy look of the former with the modular smarts of the latter.

Shower Booth. Designed by Inax.

Step Into an Inax Shower Booth and Step off of Wet Floors

So, what’s there to recommend of this Inax bathing experience? First there’s the no-frills minimalism of the design. The Inax booth is all window and no walls. In fact, the framing holding together the booth’s four glassy sides is so understated as to all but vanish entirely, giving the impression that you’re showering out in pleine air (though the inevitable, relaxing steamy condensation will probably put an end to that flight of fancy). Next there’s the integrated, illuminated ceiling, which gives pinpoint spotlighting to your daily cleansing of the important parts, while also imparting a cheerful glow. Lastly, the intriguing transition of Inax’s shower base from inside to out is an aesthetic coup and a functional boon. The square-into-circle configuration reminds me of the gentle shimmer of a water droplet (albeit, a post-modern one), which is a stylish visual touch, but–and perhaps most importantly–the over-sized tile base sits atop rather than on the existing floor, thus keeping, as you step from the shower, the thousands of migrating water droplets on the tile and, happily, off the floor.

Shower Booth

Via Trendir.

About the Manufacturer: Tokyo manufacturer Inax—a brand of the Lixil Corporation—manufactures sanitary ware, showers, toilets, tubs, basins, and fittings for kitchen and bath, in addition to various water-saving devices. These tend to possess an appealing contemporary aesthetic and high functionality, yet the manufacturer is perhaps best known for their revolutionary Furo foaming water concept. This technology integrates hot water and foamy bubbles straight from the spout, which not only creates an instantaneous and perfectly modulated bubble bath, but also imparts “a never experienced sensation of a creamy fine foam of water… Bubbles not only keep the temperature of the hot water but also retain the steam, avoiding dispersion so that the bathtub could even be placed in a living room.”

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