BlueLounge StudioDesk Eliminates Cord Clutter

Despite the drive towards minimalism with laptops (thanks to Apple), miscellaneous gadgets and cords create cluttered workspaces. AC adapters, power strips, routers, hubs, external hard drives and infinite USB cables make it seemingly impossible to streamline. BlueLounge StudioDesk offers a solution, providing accessible storage space (and power) for each and every device and hiding the multitude of cords such that only a single cable runs from your desk to the cable socket in the wall.

StudioDesk. Manufactured by BlueLounge.

The compact (47″ x 27.5″) workspace features an innovative storage compartment, accessible via a sliding desktop surface. Various devices can be stored within the compartment and charged by means of an internal power strip. An elongated slot allows the cables and cords to enter at any point, proving power to laptops, speakers and other technical devices in addition to numerous connections to hard-drives, ipods and other devices. Clean and utilitarian, StudioDesk frees the desk-top for use as actual workspace.




Its legs are crafted from solid mahogany while the desktop is a smooth white laminate surface, easy to clean and highly functional. A removable faux leather mat covers the sliding portion of the desktop on which your laptop will sit. Its de-cluttering abilities and compact form make it particularly appropriate for those of us living (or working) in small spaces. With a price tag of $600 it is fairly affordable. Given its potential to increase work efficiency, it could even pay for itself!

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