Bilotta: Custom Cabinetry for a Magnificient Maison

Fine cabinetry is reaching out from the confines of the kitchen and bath, making its way into spaces as unexpected as gift wrapping stations and cookbook libraries. This recent migration highlights the importance of good cabinets, including the design and durability of the materials. Bilotta, a family-owned, New York-based custom cabinetry firm, recognizes the lasting value of high quality.

Custom kitchen cabinetry. Designed by Bilotta.

The company’s philosophy “of hiring only the very best designers and artisans” has cemented Bilotta as a luminary in the custom cabinet industry. Bilotta uses everything from rustic hardwoods to sleek veneers and it is Bilotta’s commitment to the finest materials and technical precision that sets them apart. While the Bilotta collection – one of several lines – was created specifically to fulfill the demands and desires of Bilotta’s own designers, all of the company’s designs rely on homegrown craftsmanship and an undeniably sophisticated aesthetic.






“Manufactured entirely at American shops and factories,” Bilotta’s design suit custom projects for any room. From glittering white kitchens to sensuous dark winebars, Bilotta’s signature cabinetry achieves any mood. Bilotta can give you a clean, orderly room for organizing or a sexy, relaxing space for dressing (or undressing). It can go from butler’s pantry to boudoir fancy. Whatever atmosphere is wanted, and for whatever purpose, the Bilotta Collection can achieve it. I’m envisioning a hallway nook to house my pen and ink collection. Upending our preconceived notions that custom cabinetry has always resided in the kitchen and bath, Bilotta proves that the true beauty and bounty of their work knows no limits.

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