Poliform Varenna: My Planet

No protruding handles; no finicky decorations. Varenna’s My Planet is defined by pure contemporary simplicity and techno minimalism, “interpreting the widespread desire for practicality and elegance”. Best known for their closet systems, it is not surprising that Poliform’s foray into kitchen design was a success. Varenna is the kitchen division of Poliform, offering endless high-end kitchen solutions for contemporary lifestyles. Budget permitting, Varenna’s Poliform is a go-to kitchen manufacturer in terms of both quality and style.

My Planet. Designed by Poliform Varenna.

It diverges from traditional kitchen designs, offering handles and countertops of various thicknesses and the use of light equipped panels and numerous finishes. In the words of Poliform, these “technically evolved solutions and fundamental design components that guarantee original compositions for even the smallest of kitchens.” The kitchen concept was designed by Poliform CR&S .








While they have strong competitors in most categories (furniture, etc), their closets are truly the best – and I’m generally hesitant about choosing favorites. Given the similarities between closets and kitchens, the necessary storage and accessibility, strong need for organization and desire for cleanliness (and of course neatness), Poliform was bound to be at least somewhat successful in kitchen design. As with their closet layouts, Varenna’s My Planet kitchen concept has a designated location for everything – which according to experts is key to organization and the elimination of clutter.  There’s no need for a visit to the Container Store in search of organizers for silverware, knives and spices as these are all built into the design.  Hell, you can even include a spot for your rolling pit – a beautifully curved wooden form that supports it just so.  Choose from wood-lined drawers and inserts or the more industrial mesh.  You probably think you’ve seen similar options in lower-priced versions but I assure you – Poliform takes it to a new level.  My Planet leaves you with no excuse to be disorganized. 

Also check out Poliform’s Twelve, designed by Carlo Colombo and shown at #NeoCon this year.

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