At #NeoCon09: Magnetized by Haworth’s LIM Light

Haworth is getting in on the LED task light—with amazing innovations. First, the company brought out Brazo, which won an IDEA Award in 2008. Now, Haworth has introduced LIM, which already won Silver at NeoCon09. The “multi-purpose, multi-task LED light” has an “elemental structure and multiple reconfigurations.” The look is slender, unobtrusive, and elegant—it put me in mind of a crane. LIM’s designer Ralph Reddig was at hand to discuss his product.

LIM task lamp. Designed by Ralph Reddig and Pablo Pardo for Haworth.

He touted the benefits of LIM’s space-saving features; the table lamp can be mounted beneath the work surface using an adhesive-based system. That means there’s no lamp on your desk: Reddig explains that you can “avoid having a base taking up real estate.” There are two styles of LIM that come with traditional bases, and one floor lamp version as well. The LEDs “have a life span of up to 50,000 hours” and “are 85% more efficient than incandescent lights.” Even though these are all great benefits, LIM has one attractive plus that differentiates it from other task lamps: it’s magnetic. You can move the lamp up and down, tilt it at an angle, swing the arm above your paperwork—you can do a lot with it. The LIM Floor Lamp is a must for avid readers. Move the wand up and down along the vertical column depending on where you’re sitting—you’ll never be in the dark.


LIM light. Designed by Ralph Reddig and Pablo Pardo for Haworth.


Haworth showroom in the Merchandise Mart, Chicago.

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