At supersalone: Croma

At supersalone: Croma

Croma, the new floor lamp by Luca Nichetto for Italian lighting brand Lodes, is named for its slender appearance and rapid-fire illumination.

Croma floor lamp metallic green next to green velvet sofa with partial view out window

The word means "eighth," referring to the musical note. For those who never took piano lessons, an eighth is a note that sustains for 1/2 of one beat. In other words, it's slender and fast.

Croma floor lamp one white one black in room with dark gray floors and walls

I like to think they named Croma for its seamless delivery of light, releasing it unencumbered up into the air via the lamp's form. This is a clever inversion that has the flared end on the ground rather than up top: "By literally turning the frame on its head, Lodes created an elegant yet striking product... considered design integrated with powerful and personalized lighting."

Croma lamp detail of lightsource at end of lamp

It's an innovative design with an unusual aesthetic, providing targeted lighting, and "subtle washes of light upwards across the wall and ceiling."

Croma lamp metallic bronze and silver in room with view of Chrysler building

Croma comes in two ombré finishes (dual colors with a metallic sheen), as well as solid white and black. The lamp is operated with a cleverly integrated ring mid-way up the shaft, eschewing the typical switch for a feature that emphasizes the streamlined, unadorned look. It also offers a dim-to-warm function for different intensities of light.

Croma lamp black detail of power ring with hand

Croma debuted last week at supersalone. To find out more, see Lodes.

Posted September 14, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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