At #NeoCon09: La Reina Ceiling Pendant Dazzles

Finally, lighting companies are producing LED fixtures with high style that emit soft, glowing light. No more sterile blue shine. This is the case with San Francisco-based Boyd Lighting, whose La Reina Pendant recently won the Best Individual Lighting Fixture at the 2009 HD Expo in Las Vegas. Very soon, La Reina will travel to Chicago as part of Boyd’s exhibit at NeoCon ’09, where it will hopefully garner as much praise. In business for more than 85 years, Boyd Lighting manufactures “decorative fixtures of timeless elegance.”

La Reina Pendant. Designed by Federico Otero for Boyd Lighting.

Their high style is now being interpreted in low-energy LED technology—and the results are dazzling. La Reina Pendants are the first LED product for Boyd, making their recent award all the more remarkable. Available in two sizes, La Reina Modesta and La Reina Magnifica, the pendants come in multiple hang heights. For a custom look, you can cluster multiple pendants on a common ceiling plate. The cigar-shaped pendant is made of electro-polished stainless steel—the material lends La Reina its crystalline shine. The laser-cut pattern intensifies the brilliant cast of the pendant light, creating what Boyd terms “a moiré effect.” A matte white interior and satin nickel stem and canopy add to the lambent luster. Designed by Federico Otero, La Reina Pendants transform three LED lights into a scintillating vision fit for royalty (La Reina means queen in Spanish).


The Modesta cage measures 7½ inches wide x 23½ inches high; Magnifica measures 10¾ inches wide x 36 inches high. At the moment, neither design can be dimmed, although Boyd expects a dimmable La Reina to be available later in 2009. Ideal for boudoirs and powder rooms, La Reina casts a lovely glow on the female form. In entrance halls and dining rooms, La Reina emits a warm radiance that softens colors and fabrics. Grouped together, La Reina Pendants make a vivid statement in sophisticated bars and restaurants, particularly when placed in front of mirrors, where the fixtures can make rays reflect and dance. See yourself in a new light beneath the sensuous sparkle of La Reina.

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