Pyramid Bookcase: How Fitting!

Fitting, the appropriately titled Italian manufacturer, recently unveiled its Pyramid—an aluminum bookcase of monumental proportions. The original Pyramid was shown in late April 2009 at Milan’s Salone del Mobile, where it took up 420 cm H x 730 cm W of valuable exhibition space. Fitting said that Pyramid “is the utmost and most advanced expression of modularity, flexibility and possibility of change over time.” And they should know.

Pyramid. Manufactured by Fitting.

Since 1960, the Italian company has been making modular furniture based on their Core System. Internationally patented, the lightweight linking system offers a myriad of construction possibilities. The basic units are made of silver anodized extruded aluminum and large round-headed stainless steel bolts. That the Core System enables the gargantuan Pyramid to take shape is testament to Fitting’s unique skeleton. Pyramid can be reconfigured according to your desires, though Fitting does offer four different Pyramids through their website. Besides the original, there is the shorter Half Pyramid (730 cm W x 229 cm H x 34 cm D), the smaller Pyramid 4 (366 cm W x 229 cm H x 34 cm D), and the even smaller Pyramid 3 (275 cm W x 184 cm H x 34 cm D). With optional back panels available in silver, red, or black MDF, you can get as creative as you want. Of course, the most obvious use is for an Egyptologist, who could fill Pyramid with tomes about pyramids.



Trekkies also come to mind, since the Half Pyramid especially looks like the Starfleet insignia—organizers of Star Trek Conventions, take note: the Half Pyramid would be the perfect spot to display all space-related titles. There are also those who believe that the pyramid shape helps healing. I believe they too have their conventions. Therefore, Pyramid should grace their walls as well. For the more normally inclined, Fitting’s Pyramid is simply a sleek and grand bookcase with which to make a statement. In a grand living room against a white wall, let Pyramid define the space. Empty compartments contrast well with the book-filled modules. Pyramid is a fertile playground for negative space. Wherever you put it—if you have the wall space—Pyramid presents “a new angle on bookcases.”

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