Plant Chandelier by Moooi

Plant Chandelier by Moooi

Now on display at the newly renovated Moooi showroom in New York, Plant Chandelier takes design cues from nature. The steel and coated glass chandelier is the creation of Dutch studio Kranen/Gille, which sought to capture the “architectural uniformity” of nature.

Geometric and luxurious, Plant Chandelier replicates “the anatomy of sun-kissed branches, with a golden glow, which converges into frosted domes of light.” The resulting chandelier displays an intricate pattern with lines and angles reminiscent of Art Deco style.

gold geometric chandelier with glass dome shades against black background in dark dining room

Like all Moooi creations, Plant Chandelier includes The Button, the brand’s signature proof of authenticity. Get more information at Moooi.

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